The Working Proof

I have a print edition up on the Working Proof.  They are a great resource for great print editions by artists.  Each artists print is paired with a charity. See my print “Ozz” here. Its an edition of 50 prints for $30 each! They release a new print once a week, on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm, EST.

“Ozz”, Digital Print, 11″ x 8.5″


“Vermeer Studio”

great light!
perfect scale painting storage

Happy Birthday to me, the new studio is finally all set up. My husband helped me  convert the utility/laundry room of our bungalow into a small sunny studio.  I think it sort of looks like a Vermeer interiorwith the checkered floor and window panes.

Vermeer, Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid c. 1670 Oil on Panel 72.2X59.7cm National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin


Hello Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier 1910







We drove route 66 all the way across the country from Texas to Santa Monica, California last week. It was an epic moving trip, the car was loaded with cats, clothes, art materials, and more. Along the way I finally saw Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo too. I can’t wait to set up my new studio but until then enjoying exploring Santa Monica and Venice as well as hitting the beach.

Busby Berkley Scenes

Busby Berkley, Gold Diggers of 1933 (violin sequence)

video link to watch: gold diggers of 1933 -violin sequence

Busby Berkley, Gold Diggers of 1933 (violin sequence)
Berkley's Stunning Geometric Choreography
Million Dollar Mermaid, 1952
Million Dollar Mermaid, 1952
Million Dollar Mermaid, 1952

Magnetic Fields song with the lyrics about Busby Berkeley:

I should have forgotten you long ago
But you’re in every song I know
Whining and pining is wrong and so
On and so forth, of course of course,
But no, you can’t have a divorce

I haven’t seen you in ages
But it’s not as bleak as it seems
We still dance on whirling stages
In my Busby Berkeley dreams
The tears have stained all the pages
Of my True Romance magazines
We still dance in my outrageously beautiful
Busby Berkeley dreams