The Working Proof

I have a print edition up on the Working Proof.  They are a great resource for great print editions by artists.  Each artists print is paired with a charity. See my print “Ozz” here. Its an edition of 50 prints for $30 each! They release a new print once a week, on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm, EST.

“Ozz”, Digital Print, 11″ x 8.5″


Alan Shields Retrospective

Alan Shields show at Greenberg VanDoren Gallery
Alan Shields show
Detail of Stitching

In Alan Shields “Something Goin’on and On”, at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery I was astounded how although they only were showing works of his of the 1970-80’s nothing felt dated.  The works were whimsical, colourful, and experimentive.  It was not a really large show or gallery but a good size with three rooms.  The skylight lit room really showcased Shield’s large scale quilt-like un-stretched canvases and the more sculptural or hanging works captured the natural light.   There were many handmade paper pieces and a small series of prints that involved multiple processes from that I really enjoyed.  His use of paper, glitter, paint, tie-dye, twine, relief, canvas, and beading was tactile and sensual and I almost felt as if I touched everything I took in with my eyes.  The gallery was very friendly in answered my questions and talked extensively about the artist and even emailed my six catalogue essays and interviews to read.  I passed on to other artists I met or reconnected with in the city to check out the show as well.


Guerra Paint Display
Guerra Paint Shop
Paint Demo

with Art Guerra and fellow painter M.Mackey

At Guerra Paint and Pigment I was delighted that when I walked in the door I was greeted by Art Guerra the owner and founder.  I realized I had inevitably walked by the East Village shop many times before on previous trips into the city.  Guerra showed me the large color chart wall and explained what each color was and how the chart worked.  He also gave a demo on how to mix the super concentrated liquid pigment with different acrylic binders depending on what type of paint consistency you want to achieve.  There were handmade books to look through with different paint recipes or items that could be added to the paint, (pumice, shredded tire, glass beads, etc)  We talked about how his pigments differed from the Golden paints I have been using and how he started his paint business 25 years ago.  It turns out many of the Golden materials I have been using are modelled after Guerra’s, however what is interesting is unlike Golden it is not pre-packaged giving the artist more control over their medium and also a lower price point.  I purchased a sample pack and also some interesting new colors and binders to experiment with in my studio.

Read more about or oder the paint on their website :

Colossal Judy Pfaff Collages

Tangling, floating, bouncing, forming, suspending, becoming, unwinding, twirling, rising, falling, maddening, growing, changing, happening, sensational, chaotic, and obsessive are words that come to mind when trying to describe an installation of artist Judy Pfaff.  Pfaff’s installations are a physical equivalent to Abstract Expressionist painting coming to life yet, are still frozen in time.  Her large scale installations of the early 1980’s mark her career as an artist ambitiously bridging the gap between the mediums of painting and sculpture as a total environment.

As an artist Pfaff works easily between bodies of work of drawing, collage,  printmaking, and sculpture, all lending to the formulation of the consuming installations.  Occurring within the white box of the gallery Pfaff works onsite to the specifications of the space, each unique and therefore site specific.  They are temporal works in nature requiring much time onsite transforming the space and then break down of the installation so there is nothing left in the end.  When she shifted from making huge and physical paintings in the 70’s to making objects and experimenting with impermanent spaces she said: “Basically my process then was to start at one end of the room and fill out the floor, and just watch.  Then I’d sweep that up and start back again.”

Cowboys of Color – Swain & Shields

Robert Swain
Alan Shields, Everybody Knows Korolowitz, 1976. Acrylic, canvas, aluminum tubing, and thread, 120 x 196 x 196 inches.
Alan Shields ,Whirling Dervish (1968-70) Acrylic, thread, and beads on canvas

Robert Swain and Alan Shields were some groovy colorful dudes! Both natives of the Midwest who ended up on the New York scene of the 1960’s.  Although they made their color rich works in the 1960-70’s they feel very fresh and contemporary.  Swain, born 1940 in Austin, Texas is a professor of painting at Hunter College has been working on his gigantic color chart paintings for decades.  Made with more of an intuitive/scientific approach he has categorized the colors he has developed through mixing acrylic paints into a filing cabinet system of over 4,000 hues!  He is just now getting some much deserved appreciation for his work.

On another note, hippie artists Alan Shields (1944-2005, born in Kansas ) captures the spirit of the generation his work came out of with its whimsical and gypsy-like manner.  His technique involved painting, cutting, sewing, and even beading the canvas into dimensional paintings, collages, prints and installations.  Shields work was far ahead and reminiscent of the current era of installation art that came after it.  I am especially fascinated by the faceted form that is similar to ideas I am exploring in my own MFA body of of work.

Trudy Benson

Trudy Benson's "Space Jam 2," 2010. Oil on canvas, 68 x 62 in.
Trudy Benson, Tape Deck 2010 oil and acrylic on canvas 66 x72 inches Image from: Freight and Volume

May 6th – June 12th, 2010. Public reception Thursday, May 6th, 6-8pm.

from the press release:

Freight+Volume is pleased to announce the debut of a significant new talent, Trudy Benson. Working in the rich abstract vein of Hodgkin, Oehlen, and Murray, Benson conjures up a dazzling theatre of mark making and pure delight in paint. She is unafraid to explore new avenues of proof that painting never dies, it only becomes more emphatically alive in its varied and stubborn pleasures. Benson provides a framework of superimposed and overlapping picture planes, thick sculptural relief, and brash color to convey this enjoyment. From subtle vignettes such as “Basketball” to bold tableaus such as “Space Jam 1” and “Painting”, we share in the artist’s unbridled enthusiasm for the medium.

Rosson Crow

Collector's Suite at Eden Roc, 1973 2006, Oil on linen, 77 x 135 inches
Untitled (opium den) 2010, Oi, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 96 x 144
Jeff Koons at Versailles 2009, Acrylic, oil and enamel on linen, 84 x 118 inches

Rosson Crow was born in Dallas, Texas, 1982 and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Anton Perich Machine Paintings

I find these fascinating!

Perich made his own machine to create his large scale paintings.

“In 1977-78 I designed and built an electric painting machine (an early predecessor of the ink jet printer/scanner) and in 1979 I had my first show of electric paintings at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York. I was an early pioneer of electric/digital/computer art.” -Anton Perich from his website